1. What is the Performance Exam?

The Performance Exam is an online exam that supports the skills, repertoire, and pianistic artistry of the Piano Adventures curriculum. The Performance Exam resources currently support the Primer Level. The Level 1 Performance Exam will be available in Fall 2024. Additional levels will be coming in late Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.

For the Performance Exam, students prepare 3 pieces from their level, selecting one piece from Repertoire Lists 1, 2, and 3. Each piece is Video recorded separately. The student’s Parent/Guardian will then upload and submit the student’s 3 unedited performances for Teacher approval. This is easily done between student and teacher via the Exam platform, designed especially for Video uploads. Upon the Teacher’s approval, the Videos then proceed to Evaluation by a Piano Adventures Exam Coach.

2. What is the minimum age for a student to take the Performance Exam?

Students should be at least 5 years old to participate in the Piano Adventures Exams. There is no upper age limit!

3. What are the characteristics of Repertoire Lists 1, 2, and 3?

The List 3 piece may be selected from over 130 Primer pieces from the Piano Adventures library. List 3 pieces may also be played with the Teacher Duet. (See Question 18)

4. What about Exam comments for the duets, video guidance, and duet partners for List 3 pieces?

Piano Adventures Exams is delighted to offer the option for students and teachers to submit a four-hand duet for the List 3 piece. Duets are great fun and have a rich piano tradition.

  • Exam duet comments will be written for the student only.
  • When preparing a Video duet, aim for the student to be in full camera view.
  • For duets, generally the student’s teacher plays the Teacher Duet. However, if an older sibling, parent, or even another student can play the Teacher Duet with confidence and musicality, this is welcome!

5. What books are used for Repertoire Lists 1, 2, and 3?

The three Repertoire Lists are drawn from the following levels and books:

  • The Basic Method Books
    Lesson, Performance, Technique & Artistry, and Gold Star Performance
  • The PreTime to BigTime Piano Series
    Selected books from PreTime Piano (Primer Level)
    Selected books from PlayTime Piano (Level 1)
    Selected books from ShowTime Piano (Level 2A)
    Selected books from ChordTime Piano (Level 2B)
    Selected books from FunTime Piano (Levels 3A-3B)
    Selected books from BigTime Piano (Levels 4-5)
    AdvanceTime Piano (Level 5 and beyond) currently has 1 book.
  • Selections from The Developing Artist Library: Piano Literature, Piano Sonatinas, and various other literature collections.

6. What are the specific books used for Primer Level repertoire?

The Primer Level Lists 1, 2, and 3 pieces are drawn from these four Primer method books.

The Primer List 3 Student Choice pieces include over 130 pieces from the Method and the PreTime Piano Series.

  • PreTime Christmas
  • PreTime Classics
  • PreTime Favorites
  • PreTime Hymns
  • PreTime Jazz & Blues

  • PreTime Music from China

  • PreTime Rock ‘n Roll

See Model Performance Videos for all List 1, 2, and 3 pieces, as well as Audio Duet Performances.

Please see our Exam Welcome Book for a complete list of specific Primer Repertoire pieces.

7. Do Performance Exam pieces need to be memorized?

There is no memorization requirement. Students are welcome to play using their music or from memory. The focus is on a musical performance!

8. How is the Performance Exam graded?

Each Performance piece will be evaluated on these 5 categories by a Piano Adventures Exam Coach. Coaching is gentle, helpful, and positive.

• Notes   • Rhythm   • Dynamics   • Posture/Poise   • Technique

Each category has 3 ratings:

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Developing

Students receive Exam Comments that offer positive reinforcement for each piece, written by a Piano Adventures Exam Coach.

9. When are the results of the Performance Exam available?

Results of the Performance Exam will be posted in the dashboards of the Student, Parent/Guardian, and Teacher within 28 days of successful submission of all 3 Performance pieces. Where applicable, the Piano Adventures Exam Diploma or Certificate of Completion will also be awarded and available.

10. What is the fee for the Performance Exam?

The fee for the Performance Exam is $50. The fee for the Theory Exam is $20. When both Exams are taken, a discounted fee of $60 is offered.

11. What is THE BRAVO BOARD for Performance students?

Students earning a score of 5 Excellent ratings for any Performance piece (See Question 22) will be nominated for The Bravo Board—an area of the Piano Adventures Exam website where outstanding students in Performance and Theory are recognized. Parent/Guardian Permission is required for students to be featured on The Bravo Board. Permission may be granted via the dashboard of the Parent/Guardian Account.

Students will be highlighted on the Bravo Board for a period of one year. Students, their families, and friends enjoy this period of recognition! At the end of one year, the posting is removed from The Bravo Board. However, students are encouraged to be recognized again in Performance and/or Theory at a higher Piano Adventures level.

Parents/Guardians may opt out of Bravo Board participation by not activating the Permission Request.

12. Can a student be on The Bravo Board for both Theory and Performance? Will this apply for future levels as well?

Yes, a student can be on the Bravo Board for both the Theory Exam and Performance Exam! These opportunities continue for all future levels of the Exams. Each student can potentially be on The Bravo Board many times in their years of piano study. There’s nothing Piano Adventures would like more than to celebrate the continuing success of young people growing musically.