1. What are the Model Performance Videos?

Performance preparation is important and can be enriching and motivational! Now you can see and hear all the piano pieces for the Piano Adventures Exams with the Model Performance Videos. Their use is two-fold.

  • First, they “model” List 1, 2, and 3 pieces at each level for students by demonstrating tempo, dynamics, and fine technique. Lyrics are displayed to enhance the musical experience.
  • Second, as a courtesy to teachers, they present the Piano Adventures library to those who may not have access to all the books. Teachers may peruse the many choices and consider sharing the Videos with students to help with Exam preparation.
  • In addition, Duet Audio Recordings are available under the title, PLAY DUETS! These encourage students to listen while watching the score and analyze a particular musical concept. The Videos are not meant to be used for learning pieces by rote. Quite the opposite! How much musical insight can a student glean by watching the score and listening! Then, playing the piece, with the benefit of teacher coaching, brings out the student’s own “model performance.”

2.What is Trophy’s role in the Performance Exam?

Trophy guides students in choosing their pieces, jumping into fun, music “keyholes” that lead to the Model Performance Videos. Trophy is all about adventure!

3. What is the best preparation for the Performance Exam?

The teacher’s coaching is the best preparation for students. The following strategies are recommended.

  1. Analyze the piece together to bring certainty for the performance.
  2. Practice sitting with good posture and placing hands in position for a good start.
  3. Practice “thinking the tempo” of the first measures before starting to play.
  4. Practice maintaining a steady tempo and emphasizing the dynamics.
  5. Practice lifting hands gently off the keys and into the lap at the end of the piece.

Do steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 with the teacher sitting on the other side of the room!

4. Why should I do Piano Adventures Exams?

For musical adventure. Theory with certainty. Delight of discipline. Exciting expectations. Challenge and acknowledgment. Pieces prepared. Passion for the next steps. A video treasury of musical growth. Developing the student’s musical mind and heart as a unique music maker.

We hope to see you soon at Piano Adventures Exams!