Grading & Awards

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Mission Statement for the Adventurer Exams

To give students an engaging, musical experience to “examine” what they know—while celebrating achievement and developing the student’s musical mind and heart.

Grading Criteria

Theory Exam Scoring

The Theory Exam has 70 questions. Each question is worth one point for a total of 70 points. The required passing score is 70% (49 points) or higher.

Performance Exam Scoring

A Piano Adventures Exam Coach will evaluate the student’s performance, expertly and with care, using 5 categories:

1. Notes
2. Rhythm
3. Dynamics
4. Posture/Poise
5. Technique

A choice of 3 ratings is given to each category:

Excellent = 5 points
Very Good = 4 points
Developing = 3 points

A total of 25 points is possible for each piece (5 points for each of the 5 categories shown above). For all 3 pieces, a maximum of 75 points is possible. A minimum score of 53 points is required to pass the Performance Exam.

The results for the Performance Exam will include ratings for each piece, comments for each piece, and overall comments from the Piano Adventures Coach.

Earning the Piano Adventures Certificate of Completion

Students who successfully pass only the Performance Exam or only the Theory Exam will receive a Certificate of Completion. The Certificate will be available as a printable download in the dashboard of the Student, Teacher, and Parent/Guardian when the Exam results are available.

Note: At any time, the student may enroll for the other Exam (at the same level) to earn the Piano Adventures Exam Diploma.

If a student has enrolled in both Theory and Performance Exams, and passes one Exam first (Theory or Performance Exam), a Certificate of Completion will be issued until the results of the other Exam are available. When a student receives a passing result on both Exams, the Piano Adventures Exam Diploma will be awarded. This also will be found as a printable download in the dashboard of the Student, Teacher, and Parent/Guardian. The downloadable Certificate of Completion will then be updated with the downloadable Exam Diploma.

Earning the Piano Adventures Exam Diploma

Students who successfully pass both the Performance and Theory Exams will be awarded the Piano Adventures Exam Diploma. The Diploma will be available as a printable download in the dashboard of the Student, Teacher, and Parent/Guardian within 28 days of Exam submission.

Exam Diploma Award Seals

The Exam Diploma features 3 possible award seals based on the Student’s combined score for the Theory Exam and Performance Exam.


132 to 145
Total Points


117 to 131
Total Points


102 to 116
Total Points

The Bravo Board Requirements

High-achieving students may be featured on The Bravo Board—an area of the Piano Adventures Exam website where outstanding students in Theory and Performance are recognized.

Nomination to The Bravo Board for Theory Leaders

Students earning a score of 97% (68 points) or higher earn the title of Theory Leader!

Each Theory Leader featured on The Bravo Board includes a personalized congratulatory message, first name, last initial, Exam level, location (if provided), and date the Exam was passed.

Nomination to The Bravo Board for Performance Champs

Any student’s performance of a List 1, 2, or 3 piece that receives the highest rating of “Excellent” in all 5 categories is nominated for The Bravo Board. In the event that more than one piece has earned 5 Excellent ratings, the Piano Adventures Exam Coach will select which piece is nominated.

Each Performance Champ has a spotlight performance that includes first name, location (if provided), piece title, level, and the nominated Performance Video.


The Bravo Board Details

Students will be highlighted on The Bravo Board for a period of 1 year. Students, their families, and friends can enjoy this time of recognition. At the end of 1 year, the posting is removed from The Bravo Board. However, students are encouraged to be recognized again in Performance and/or Theory at a higher Piano Adventures level!

Parent/Guardian permission is required in order for students to be featured on The Bravo Board. Permission may be granted via the dashboard on the Parent/Guardian Exam Account. Students and their Parents/Guardians may opt out of participation on The Bravo Board simply by not activating the Permission Request found in the Parent/Guardian dashboard.

Exam Retakes

Theory Exam

Students who receive a Theory Exam score of 48 points or less are considered “Developing.” These students can retake the exam one time for no additional fee. Students can access the free Exam retake via the dashboard on the Student Exam Account. Once a “Developing” result is received, students will have 30 days in which to retake the free Theory Exam.

The Teacher is encouraged to review the missed questions with the student, as well as to use the Unit Assessments to prepare for the Theory Exam retake. These actions help ensure a stronger theory background as the student advances in piano study.

Upon passing the Theory Exam retake, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Completion (if only the Theory Exam is taken) or the Exam Diploma (if both Theory and Performance Exams are being taken).

Performance Exam

Students who receive a Performance Exam score of 52 points or less are considered “Developing.” Students who do not receive a passing score for the Performance Exam may enroll in another Performance Exam at the standard fee for that level.