Theory Exams

the language of theory

The Piano Adventures Theory Exam is available online and on-demand to support each student’s individual schedule. The Exam serves as a “musical metric” for theory essentials, so important for fine musicianship. The Primer Theory Exam is now available. The Level 1 Theory Exam is coming in Fall 2024.

What makes the Theory Exams unique? Participants will appreciate the engaging online experience. One question per page allows students to center and focus. Narration offers a warm tone. And the mascot Trophy guides students forward with flips, cartwheels, and more!

Sample Theory Questions

Interested in a closer look at the Primer Theory Exam?

Try sample questions and meet the Exam mascot Trophy!

Five Fast Facts for the Primer Theory Exam

  1. The Primer Theory Exam has 70 questions divided between 6 sections: Your Hands, Key Names, Music Terms, Rhythm, Reading, Ear Training
  2. The Primer Theory Exam takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. Warm, gentle narration is available.
  3. Trophy’s animations during the Theory Exam do not indicate correct or incorrect answers but provide fun, playful energy.
  4. The Primer Theory Exam fee is $20. Results are available within 5 days.
  5. Once enrolled, a student has 90 days to complete the Theory Exam.

Student Theory Awards!

Piano Adventures Exams is delighted to offer special Theory Awards. Upon completion of the Theory Exam, students will receive a Certificate of Completion as a printable download.

Students are encouraged to take both the Theory Exam and the Performance Exam. This holistic approach joins together the analytic and the expressive. Students taking both Exams will receive the Piano Adventures Diploma to mark their musical achievement.

Piano Adventures Primer Certificate of Completion

Piano Adventures Primer Diploma

Be a “Theory Leader” on The Bravo Board!

Students scoring 97% or higher will earn the impressive title of Theory Leader. These students are then eligible to be featured on The Bravo Board.

This special, designated area of the Piano Adventures Exam website recognizes outstanding students in Theory and Performance. Trophy gives each student a special congratulatory “shout out!”

How to Prepare

Students and teachers may prepare for the Primer Theory Exam in three ways:

  1. Use the Primer Theory Book to learn and reinforce concepts.

Primer Theory Book

  1. The Primer Level Unit Assessments are highly recommended for the teacher to use. This is a teacher support book that need not be purchased by the student.

Primer Level Unit Assessments

  • Do the corresponding Unit Assessment after each Unit in the Lesson Book, about 10 minutes of time. Suitable for private or class lessons.
  • Together, the teacher and student will quickly establish whether the student knows the content. The preparatory questions promote confidence, focus, and fun!
  • The Unit Assessments may be done in-person or in online lessons. It is available as a print book for the Teacher. Or, access online in the Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas.
  1. Have the student do the Sample Primer Theory Questions.

Sample Primer Theory Questions