1. What is the purpose of Piano Adventures Exams?

Before answering this question we might ask, “What is the purpose of piano study?” For Piano Adventures it is to develop the student’s musical mind and heart as a unique music maker.

Imagine a student looking through a musical keyhole and carefully “examining” what’s on the other side. The more the student “examines” what is seen and heard, the bigger the keyhole expands. The student’s musical mind expands as well!

Piano Adventures Exams were created to give students an ever-expanding “keyhole” to examine an ever-expanding musical world. The Exams create excitement for students to be their own “musical examiner” from the earliest levels—all within the fascinating world of the piano.

2. What is the STRUCTURE of the Exams?

Each level of the Piano Adventures Online Exams consists of a Theory Exam and a Performance Exam. It is recommended for students to take both Exams if possible. Students who successfully pass both exams receive the Piano Adventures Diploma. This “Adventurer Diploma” celebrates the student’s holistic musical development and achievement. The Theory Exam and Performance Exam may be taken in either order.

Students may also choose to participate in just one of the Exams for that level. In this case, passing students are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

3. Does a student need to be studying with a teacher to participate in Piano Adventures Theory and Performance Exams?

It is a requirement of Piano Adventures Exams that each student has a teacher to participate. The Exams, particularly the Performance Exams, further establish the student and teacher as a musical team. Choosing the pieces together, the fun of recording and approval, and coaching for personal artistry creates memories of discipline, discovery, and delight.